I’ve been through many changes in my life. As an experienced adapter I can skillfully “chameleon” into whatever life puts before me. On good days, I  see the sun through the clouds, thrive in chaos, keep my morals in check, and conquer many of the incredible obstacles that appear before me.I wish all of that meant that I could put my sword down and step back but life is beckoning me forward with a new mixture of obstacles and triumphs.

I’m about to break out of my latest cocoon and through the silk I can see vague glimpses of what awaits me. From here,the scenery is looking a bit different than I last remembered. So much so that  I’m tempted to relax back into the cocoon for a while. It looks and feels like I might be about to be given my next assignment and with it comes a triumphant set of new obstacles for me to conquer. Big Yawn.

How I learned to keep adapting to change

I found out early in life that my energy was far more beneficial when I accepted what was before me and found the best way to live in that reality rather than bucking the system. My survival and the survival of those in my care depended on me keeping the adapting show going. In a sense it still does. It just doesn’t quite play itself out today with the same storyline.

I learned quickly how important it is to adapt to the changes around you or you will undoubtedly get left behind or swept away with the tides of change. The ability to adapt became an essential part of my personality. As such, I can “chameleon” into whatever life presents me with.

This amazing adapting act needs balance. At times I catch myself surviving in environments where survival 101 is not  needed. I’m roughing it when I don’t even have to be in that situation. It’s hard to settle into ease when you’ve spent years putting massive amounts of energy towards causes you used to believe in and pursuing the dreams of others.

Why Resilience and Flexibility Matter

‍For those who haven’t realized it yet, life is an intense journey. It’s a continuous stream of ups and downs. You’ll experience great joy and then be brought to your knees by sorrow. It’s not that life has it out for you; it’s just the way things go.
Rather than resisting these changes, we need to learn to adapt to them and move on – with resilience and flexibility – without allowing the changes to define us or stand in our way. It can be difficult at first, but make an effort to embrace change as best as possible, understanding that this is normal and necessary for growth.

My expectations of myself and my abilities have grown since the person I was years ago. Today, I know what I am capable of as a result of the battles of yesterday. I don’t take myself or others too seriously anymore.

My Advice to Others

You will face adversity. You will experience pain and suffering, and you’ll be faced with challenges that will shake your very core. But I want to give you one piece of advice: if you can remember who you are and what you stand for, the future is yours. The whole world is open to us and it’s our responsibility to make the most of it. Life is hard and it’ll get harder before it gets easier, but by remembering who we are, we can get through anything. My youngest child enlisted in the marines. He leaves in a few months. He has his orders. He knows the plan and it’s not an easy and breezy one. Yet he is excited because he has purpose and passion.

SO am I!

As I face this new season in my life I recognize it as a new narrative. It is one that I am choosing to play the lead role. I’m not calling shotgun on the trip anymore. Well, maybe once in a while as long as it’s in alignment with where I am headed. For the most part I am sitting in the driver’s seat. I’m excited and ready. My suitcase is packed. I can’t imagine it any other way.

I haven’t received my orders or my next itinerary yet.  While I wait, I will learn and grow so that when the time is right I will be ready to write some more her-story. – (pun definitely intended.) I hope you’ll consider the same. How has your ability to respond to change worked to your advantage? Disadvantage? What if you approached the next change that life sends your way as a new narrative to discover and interact in?

What if?

Life’s a trip and you don’t need to do it alone.Let’s talk about the new narrative that you are facing. I can help you plan the journey. Schedule Here