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I’ve been lost in the feels lately. 

It seems like no sooner do I pull myself out of the deep pit of self reflection and get back on track that I am being drawn to take a seat and sit with something new that is emerging in my life. Lately the emergence has been noteworthy so I am learning to do my part and check within.

I notice I am being slightly affected by the outer world despite my attempts to stay somewhat unaffected by it. As if I need a reason right now other than the reality of the world today, part of what might be playing into it is that it’s winter here in Pennsylvania and everything has died off and retreated within.

All of nature is sitting back and awaiting spring to bring it all back to life again. This grand display of beauty and wonder isn’t new to me. I was born on Long Island and I grew up with the seasons.

Predictable patterns in nature.

Patterns continue to exist apart from my acknowledging them but every now and then I choose to slow down, observe and reflect upon them. As life outside sits still and waits for the cue to come alive again I find the feeling to be mutual. It’s almost as if I am sitting and waiting for something to bring me back to life again too.

I temper this awareness with the understanding that waiting on something or someone to rescue me and bring me alive again falls real close to the edge of the victim pool and I don’t wish to revisit that place any time soon.

Yet this waiting is different. It’s not so desperate and needy.

Now of course I am aware that nature is not actually waiting on seasons to be rescued from the effects of what that prior season has brought and no one has to get to rigorous work outside and do anything extraordinary in order for the change in seasons to occur. Rather nature just sits still and waits for the weather and seasons to do the part that they were created to do. It’s been doing just that for quite some time now. Nature is simply continuously responding by reflecting that preordained intention.

Basically, nature takes its cue- boom- we have another season!

I wonder if life is that way too. The Universe doing what it was created to do and my cue is to reflect that through living out my unique life purpose. What if my role in this unfolding is to observe and reflect?. What if just like the seasons do all the behind the scenes work so the Universe is doing all the behind the scenes work for me.

I just need to show up and do my part – boom we have another vision!

As I feel this coming back to life feeling. I’m not yet completely clear on what form I should attempt to do that in. I’ve gotten pretty good at coming back to life after the dead seasons depart. Yet I know that something new is ahead of me and I want to be ready for it. I want to bask more in the “alive” seasons than I do the dead ones.

I bring my focus back to nature.

What happens when a tree comes back to life and all of its leaves unfold? Or the flower bulbs that are buried in the ground? How do they re-emerge?

Is it potluck or preplanned?

In my observation it would seem that they come back exactly what they were last season, only newer and more vibrant.
A newness of life starts all over and this new emergence is still exactly what it was created to be. Only newer and better.
Pretty cool, right? Now what? Should I just sit back and let it all unfold? I wish.

Just as there are patterns in nature, so there are cause and effect cycles.

If a tree or plant is deprived of what it needs to flourish it may come back but in its return the results could reflect the deprivation. The growth may be stunted or show signs of neglect. Absence of light and nutrients.

I too can reflect these signs if I am not willing to work alongside what is happening behind the scenes and do my part in this glorious co-creation. In the seasons of rest I can be recovering and planning for the new season ahead so that when it comes I can emerge as my best self.

If the seasons of life are making you feel down and lifeless don’t lose heart. Spring is on its way and with it the opportunity for new growth and vibrancy.

You’ll want to get started now so that your leaves and bulbs can reflect the newness of life. Consider that you’re in a season of rest and let that rest have it’s way. There is plenty of work that will be there next season.

Let’s plan it together. Schedule your transformational planning sessions today. Plan here.