Aside from your relationships with your partner, co-workers or family and friends, have you ever considered the different types of relationships that you engage in on a regular basis? Are you aware that you play an active role in quite a few of them? Even the ones that are unbeknownst to you? Are you wondering how you can be in a relationship and not even know it?

I invite you to see your relationships through a different lens and consider the ways that other people might be able to help you by improving and bringing more intimacy into them.

According to Better Health, intimacy in a relationship is a feeling of being close and emotionally connected and supported. Let’s look at some overall relationships together and discover the roles they play in your everyday life and I’ll even introduce you to some people who specialize in different relationship areas.

The Relationship with Self.

How intimate is your relationship with yourself? Are you two close, connected and supported? Can you use some tools and resources there? This is the most important relationship you will embark on and you’ll find  that your relationship with self isn’t one and done. It’s constantly evolving and needs space and stimuli to grow.

Let me start by telling you a little about myself Kim Noeth.

I am a transformation coach. I nurtures transparency in community and a new perspective around how we sit with the things we can’t change in life. I create support groups, resources, and tools that help people see their past from a different place of being so that they can show up in their relationships and be a catalyst for confidence, growth and leadership.

My relationship with myself is ever growing. We have come an incredibly long way together and the trust levels have grown greatly. Every now and then we even catch ourselves enjoying one another’s company.

One of the ways I set out to improve my self relationship was by inviting others on my business journey. I joined Breaking Through, a place that connected me with great minds and kind hearts: a place to find the practical wisdom and genuine care you need to make your very own personal breakthrough.

It was there that I met my people. Other life changing transformational coaches, movers and shakers who find fulfillment in helping others improve their relationships. I’d like to tell you about a few because as we reflect on different relationships you might find one that can help you navigate your personal life relationships.

The People Behind Breaking Through

There’s Julie Dodd. Her relationship with herself is one of wonder. She keeps everyone curious and is able to step back and look at everyday situations from another perspective. Her perspective opens the door to new possibilities. Julie Is a breakthrough coach supporting women who desire more peace of mind and greater connection in their relationships. She has a track record of stirring generational healing, serving others as they uncover their life purpose, and developing authentic confidence.

Kristi Powers is dedicated to helping humans navigate life’s complex pathways through listening, healing conversations, and by sharing revelations that open hidden potential and growth points. She was someone who I was able to bask in the energy that she had created before my arrival. I got a glimpse of her power and received it but most of my knowledge comes from the incredible legacy she imparts within the tribe.  Her life teaches me that sometimes we benefit from the seasons we create. They allow us to be present in the changes. They allow us to ride the energy and still walk with our mates at the same time as we tend to life’s urgencies.

Cori Willis is a lawyer, professor and coach and she recognizes that you are called to share a message, method, or mission with the world AND that you are called to do it in a way that is unique to you. She once asked me a powerful question: “How willing are you to disrupt things in your industry.?”

Then there is Kate Pintor who holds the container for us all. Kate has dedicated her life to serving people at the difficult crossroads in business and life both as a coach and inspirational speaker. She is also a co-founder of Breaking Through. With over 17 years of transformational leadership training under her belt, dual coaching certifications in Strengths Strategy and Awake Coaching, and as one of the top 5% of strengths coaches in the world, Kate Pintor brings the clarity and creativity necessary for relationship business owners to catapult to their next level.

Let’s reflect on another important relationship.

The Parenting Relationship

Being a parent can be overwhelming at times. overwhelming. You are constantly observed by little people every minute of the day. They have needs and greed’s and you’re the main dream giver. This relationship has always been intimately exhausting and now you can add to it the uncertainties of today and the changing world we live in. It’s easy to get pulled into the chaos.

That’s where Jalissa Rose comes in. Jalissa has embraced her gifts of gentle and conscientious parenting and chose to show others how they could do this too. She’s raising her tribe with love and ease and she shows others how they can show up each day to do the same. Jalissa is a wife and mama of 5 committed to helping women embrace their God-given roles as mothers with confidence and joy. With relevant resources and heartfelt encouragement, Jalissa supports her clients as they journey together to find the calm in what can often feel like chaos of motherhood and design a life aligned with who they were created to be.

Let’s switch gears again and delve some more.

Consider for a moment that you participate in other intimate relationships.

What other relationships in your life would you identify as intimate ones? What other relationships do you feel emotionally connected and supported in?

Our Relationship with Energy

Have you every considered that you have an ongoing relationship with your energy field? I was clueless. Nowhere near intimate. This showed up clearly in my life struggles with intention vs striving. I was always putting out maximum effort and pulling back minimum results.

You might be wondering what your energy field is? The way I think about it is “my way of being”. The presence in which I show up in life. You have a presence too.

As I set out to become more aware of my presence, I discovered how it was both working for me and even against me, so I looked for help.

Just like in the physical relationships you seek with others, it’s important to find someone you trust and feel at ease with to work with and to help you with these other important relationships. Thankfully I met the right people here as well in order to work my energy relationships out with.

Shannon Havill has the gift of walking people through the blocks that are showing up in relationships and when they set out to start a business. She knows all about that proverbial wall of resistance. She took me through the most incredible guided meditation that helped me to see things in the bigger picture. She connected me personally with my energy field.

Shannon brings a dynamic mix of heart, business experience, ideation (or visioneering), intuition and quantum energy healing to her coaching journeys with impact entrepreneurs and creatives, to be a guide as you traverse the path of your soul’s calling or vision. When we create synergy with the power of our heart, the intention & wisdom of our soul and on-the-court creation practices, we live to our greatest potential.

Then there’s Donnie Hill.  He has the way about him to make a stressful circumstance or environment more at ease and he is helping me and many others to find that ease in the businesses they are creating. He spent years on burn out and he is helping others avoid that route and be able to step into a new more purposeful path or rest and ease. Donnie Donnie believes business building and leadership development are paths for personal healing and community transformation. Finding and doing meaningful work ignites the soul, creates a positive impact and brings joy daily. He is the Founder and CEO of Life Maximizer LLC, a marketing and business strategy consulting company.

I left the least obvious intimate relationship last.

The Money Relationship.

Finances? Intimate? If you are like most people you’re emotionally connected and pretty dependent.  Even if only behind the scenes by paying the mortgage or putting gas in the car, money is a part of your everyday life. If you increase your finances you feel happy emotionally and feelings of love flow through the air.  If you decrease your finances you usually feel down emotionally and the only thing flowing is a few hostile words of anger and despair.

Maybe your relationship to money is not even relevant until it’s relevant. You remember it exists when you get the email with the subject: ” you are approaching your low balance threshold.” or worse yet- the negative $12.00 balance notification.

So what is the state of your affair with money? Is it an intimate one? Do you feel close, connected AND supported by it or are you unaware until something forces you to be aware? Some good news is that if you’re looking and truly eager to grow, the right people will show up on the journey at the right times to enhance and improve these relationships. Now that I’m aware of my dysfunctional relationship to money I’ve opened up the possibility for change in that area of my life.

Recently, I had a chance to meet with a brilliant money coach, Sara Bronson. We talked about money as if it was an old friend we both knew. We clearly had a different take on the relationship. She was far more healthy and schooled about it but we both knew the same guy. She gave me some great tips and insights on how I might show up differently in my relationship with money. She gave me a few challenges to one up my relationship with money.  It was awesome. I felt like I had a good dose of money therapy.

I know I need more sessions but wow that was great. With over 30 years of small business experience, Sara knows the stages of a small business and the issues encountered as it grows.  Sara’s Amani Money Method combines a healthy money mindset with confident money management skills that help her clients claim their wealth and their worth.

And speaking of money, just when I thought I was on the fast track to improvement, I realized in order for this relationship to truly be healthy and growing I needed to research what future steps look like in the relationship and discovered that now more than ever  it’s time I learn about investing. My relationship can’t grow if I don’t get more intimate.

That’s where Brandon Trammell and Richard Macrae Gordon come into my journey. They have a mature and growing relationship with money and they know how to utilize the relationship to make it better not only for themselves and for others. My finances and I are deeply connected so when the time is right, I know who to see because I’ve already put in the time and effort in researching what they stand for and how that might be a help to me financially.

Richard is a professional investor and serial founder. He has traveled to over 30 countries and worked in 5. He founded Afinitiv LLC, Varidiem LP and co-founded Breaking Through. He has a passion for two things: people and finance. After having spent years honing his skills with influential people around the world, Richard has dedicated his professional life to creating inclusive systems to help elevate all people.

Brandon has a love for helping empower people in their lives and personal finances. He has worked with one principle throughout all areas of his life, the principle of “Leave It Better”. That dedication shows up in everything he does.

That’s quite the synergy.

Each person showing up in life and giving out to others from their unique frame of reference.

Guess what? There’s a whole community of people out there ready to help you navigate your relationships. Each one brings to the relationship their specific gifts and life experiences. It’s exciting to think that there are others I have yet to meet.

Remember that intimacy builds over time and needs patience, perseverance and effort by both participants in order to show up.

Tribe is important.

In it we find a variety of mirrors in which we see ourselves, That affects how we serve others.

How can you have some more intimacy in your relationships this new year? How will this way of being benefit you? What new possibilities might this open up for you? For others?

I’d love to see you and support you in your business endeavors .

The tribe has room for more.

Join us at Breaking Through and Let’s do the business relationship together.